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COVID-19 Intelligent Detection Challenge (2022)


COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the world we live in. We must adapt to this new and we need an exceptional initiative in innovation across the globe. Around the world, industry, academia, governments, and non-profit organizations are joining forces to fight the pandemic. These partnerships are paramount in struggling the disease and investigating options that meet the varying needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Task Description

The 7th IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support Systems) 2022 COVID-19 AI Detection Challenge in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies and Smart Industrial Systems ITSIS 2022 invites participants to help medical professionals around the world to quickly diagnose COVID-19. Participants
are asked for building models to detect COVID-19 using Computed Tomography (CT) scan images and classify images into COVID-19, NON-COVID-Normal and Pathological-NON-COVID.


June 6, 2022:

Registration opens

July 05, 2022:

Registration closes

July 10, 2022

Release of the processed results by the task organizers

JULY 14, 2022

Submission of technical descriptions (max 4 pages)

July 17, 2022

Result announcement among the IEEE ITSIS Conference, Paris, France.

Participant Registration

The COVID-19 Intelligent Detection Challenge is hosted on the Kaggle competition platform.
Fees: 50 euros / 150 dt (per team).


The competition data include Computed Tomography (CT) scan images. Each image has one label that describes a clinical state of an individual.
The competition labels consist of three types:
-COVID-19 labels indicate whether experts detect the presence of COVID-19 lesion.
-NON-COVID-Normal labels indicate the normal clinical outcome diagnosed by the medical experts.
-Pathological-NON-COVID labels indicate the presence of a disease other than COVID-19 detected by experts.
The competition data were collected from Habib Bourguiba Hospital of Sfax in 2022. The data collection was approved by medical experts.
The competition data are organized into three distinct sets: training, validation, and test sets. All labels are included in the different sets. We have publicly released 60% of the dataset as the training set of the competition, and we have retained the remaining 40% as hidden data to be published later.
The training data from the competition can be downloaded.

Evaluation Methodology

It will be announced soon

Submission Instructions

It will be announced soon

Challenge Registration

The registration fee is payable to the ATER (Tunisian Association of Renewable Energies).

Bank Name: Attijari bank, agence Elmechtel
address: Bank: 10 rue Ouled Hafouz
Account Number RIB: 04306070001361283381
IBAN Code :  TN 5904306070001361283381
Tax ID (Matricule Fiscale): 000 N N 1176132 / Q
Swift code: BSTUTNTT

    IEEE ITSIS 2022

    International Conference on Information Technology & Smart Industrial Systems. Paris, France, July 15 – 17  2022